5 steps to bringing analytics to life

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I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday. Just read this article about bringing analytics to life. I like learning about Big Data, the whole topic speaks to me. In another life I’d probably would’ve gotten an Informational Decisions Science (IDS) degree. Masamvu discuses how organizations need to move away from descriptive analytics (i.e. what happened) to predictive analytics (i.e. what will happen).  But the key is that we need to focus on creating actionable results where we can have an effect on what will happen.  Masamvu breaks this into three bullet points

  • Understand the purpose of the initiative. In other words, why are you performing the analytics?
  • Ensure they have the right expertise and resources in place, understanding who is going to do it and how much it will cost.
  • Have a clear business case and road map for action from the insights.

Do you use Big Data insights in your organization? How are these used in CRE? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


5 Steps to Bringing Analytics to Life via CGMA Magazine


Should FedEx & UPS just lease some space?

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This morning’s Chicago Tribune had an interesting article in  it Rental properties retool as packages pile up. Basically it explains the difficulty property managers experience dealing with the temporary storage of packages for their tenants. Especially as we enter the holiday season and a normal increase in deliveries is expected. What I especially enjoy about CRE is the minutia we deal with, many people probably wouldn’t consider a UPS delivery would need any special forethought or planning but, as we know and this article explains, it requires some special arrangements and advanced planing. For example it mentions that E2, a development in Evanston IL, is adding a refrigerated storage for food and flower deliveries.

Time to weigh in – is package delivery a serious amenity that developers need to consider or is this article blowing the issue out of proportion by highlighting a few instances?  Let me know in comments.


Rental properties retool as packages pile up via Chicago Tribune


Is your office layout bringing your employees down?

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Just read through this article Is your office a downer? the article describes some design tips to maximize employee productivity . It explains that in efforts to reduce costs with desk hotelling and open concepts we sometimes lose site of the people who need to use those spaces to do their jobs.  One of the tips in particular spoke to me, as it’s something I do nearly every day I’m in the office: Going for walks.

I try to move as much as possible, as this helps me think. While normally I take a walk around a nearby park at lunch time, I can usually be found taking a quick stroll around the office to energize myself to work on a project or clear my head before a call. While some might say those are wasted minutes, I feel it increases the quality of my work greatly.

I’d also really like to get a plant, but I’m afraid it’d die.

Do you have tips for your work style or office? Let me know in comments!



Is Your Office a Downer? via AutomatedBuildings.com