Your Useful Links for 3/9/25

Good Day All,

Just a few links I found useful or cool.

Weird Word Tip – via Journal of Financial Accounting (JOFA). Lets you select a rectangular block of text. Just by holding Alt and dragging.

Go Ahead, Take the Stage via JOFA. This is not just your standard boilerplate public speaking tips, this has some fresh advice that I liked. Now only if I had a venue to speak at…

Last one – I’m not going to provide a link, but its for those of us who use the text box feature in Adobe Acrobat.  Adobe doesn’t make it easy to change the font options on these, but highlight the text and press Ctrl + E .


Malware is dangerous and costly!

Good Day All,

Out friends over at IT Canada have given us a strong warning against using unlicensed or pirated software. A study conducted by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) found a strong correlation between malware attacks and users of unlicensed software going as far as to say that distributors of pirated software may embed a virus, or worm or other malicious piece of code which will unknowingly put your data at risk.

I’d like to remind you that software piracy is theft, and I’m shocked that some very large organizations are using unlicensed software to the extent found in this study. Although not necessarily caused by pirated software, lets look at the Sony breach as a testament that you don’t want that to happen to you.

With this in mind, lets all do the best thing for our clients, employees and other interested parties. Just buy the license.


CIOs with unlicensed software are courting trouble: BSA via IT World Canada