How to reduce stress at work – AICPA

Feeling burned out? Let’s take a break to recharge our batteries and refocus our work. Sheon Ladson Wilson offers us some advice on how young CPA’s can de-stress their workday.

Wilson offers six points:

  1. Find out exactly what your bosses want from you
  2. Don’t take on too much work
  3. Have reasonable expectations for yourself
  4. Create a more relaxing physical environment
  5. Don’t forget to exercise – and take some time out from work
  6. Give yourself small rewards throughout the day

The first two are particularly interesting. Often times I like to take the ball and run with it, only to find out there was an easier way or my supervisor had different expectations.

[ask] whom she can contact for additional information, how the task was completed previously, and the expected outcome. “I like to know in advance what is considered a good job”

By knowing upfront the task your undertaking you can plan and save yourself a lot of stress. Wilson offers us some practical advice on how to improve our professional lives and life-work balance. So let’s all let out that deep breath and get back to work.

Source: How to reduce stress at work – AICPA

Always take the call…

When you’re searching for the next position in your career it’s important to be willing to work with executive search firms to help place you in the right position. In his article John Touey explains the importance of working with these search firms and also offers some practical advice to would-be job seekers. By following his advice one can hope to find that golden opportunity.

Touey offers four points of advice:

  • Always return the [executive recruiter’s] call
  • Research the field
  • Get a referral
  • Look for opportunities to strengthen your personal brand.

We can boil these down in a couple of ways. By talking with the recruiter you can tell them what you want. Of course to do that you’ll need to know what you want to do and how that can fit in with the industry or company you’re targeting. This is something you can’t do alone and so work with your connections in your network to find a recruiter who can help you and lastly always keep growing and improving your image through speaking, writing or blogging and so on.

Remember, the search firm works for the employer, not you. The only person who truly has your best interests at heart in the recruitment process is you.

With these tips under your belt you can put together some steps to increase the value of your personal brand. Making yourself more attractive to future employers and hopefully fulfilling your professional goals in the process. So next time opportunity calls – pick the up the phone.

Source: Don’t Miss Your Next CFO Job Opportunity