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Just finished reading 10 STEPS TOWARDS A BETTER, MORE PRODUCTIVE YOU IN 2015 by Shawn Parr. He outlines some tips to incorporate into your life for a “better” year in the upcoming 2015.

I always enjoy lists like this, and for the most part this is a fresh take on this kind of advice. I especially enjoy his tips on finding meaning in everything you do. This is important – is everything you do have some meaning to it? It doesn’t always have to be the grandest of meanings, for example a simple chore like taking out the trash is meaningful in the way that it adds beauty to your home, or improves the hygiene of the kitchen and so on. Another gem is to “Shut up, and listen” some of the best advice I was given was to not fill the void of silence with words. For example, in negotiation when you ask your counterpart a question don’t give them answers. Let the silence fall, and wait while they form an answer.

Take a look and share some of your advice with me in comments.


10 Steps Towards a Better, More Productive You in 2015 via Fast Company



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