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Feeling burned out? Let’s take a break to recharge our batteries and refocus our work. Sheon Ladson Wilson offers us some advice on how young CPA’s can de-stress their workday.

Wilson offers six points:

  1. Find out exactly what your bosses want from you
  2. Don’t take on too much work
  3. Have reasonable expectations for yourself
  4. Create a more relaxing physical environment
  5. Don’t forget to exercise – and take some time out from work
  6. Give yourself small rewards throughout the day

The first two are particularly interesting. Often times I like to take the ball and run with it, only to find out there was an easier way or my supervisor had different expectations.

[ask] whom she can contact for additional information, how the task was completed previously, and the expected outcome. “I like to know in advance what is considered a good job”

By knowing upfront the task your undertaking you can plan and save yourself a lot of stress. Wilson offers us some practical advice on how to improve our professional lives and life-work balance. So let’s all let out that deep breath and get back to work.

Source: How to reduce stress at work – AICPA

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