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Can we learn anything from the recent (and not so recent) transitions of late night television hosts? In fact we can. There is a lot of insight that can be gained and added to our professional lives.

Moving on isn’t always a bad thing, in fact presenting a fresh perspective is a great way to keep an audience or client. In the article Mark Koziel gives us three points to learn from these retirements.

  • Leveraging technology
  • Supporting emerging leaders
  • Presenting a diverse and broad perspective

I particularly liked the first one.  Koziel describes how the new hosts keep their audience engaged outside of the show with social media. For example, Jimmy Fallon uses twitter to get material for the show, and when haven’t you seen a clip from some show on Facebook – linked from YouTube.

Using these technologies, late night hosts are not only engaging younger audiences, they’re keeping the conversations going beyond the timeframes of their television shows, ensuring publicity at any moment of the day.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on these lessons and find ways to keep our clients engaged in our business. Use social media to keep the conversation going between visits. Keeping us forefront in their mind, will keep steady business coming to your door.

3 Late Night Comedy Trends that Mirror the CPA Profession via AICPA Insights

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